Cleaning and Coating


wood floor cleaningFor daily cleaning of your wood floor the best practice you can have is to always remove your shoes so grit will not be introduced onto the floor. Daily dust mopping and use of a safe wood floor cleaner is recommended. We suggest the Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner over water and vinegar because this product is designed to cut the grime without leaving unnecessary moisture to slowly evaporate. The cleaner is designed to wick away fast.

Deep Clean

Deep cleaning with the Bona Powerscrubber is an amazingly simple process that can completely sanitize your floor. It's kind of like brushing your teeth for your wood floor. If your floor is in good condition but has some signs of dirt in the grain here and there this is an inexpensive way to clean things up. Or if you just get grossed out by how many germs people bring onto your beautiful floor that is in good condition this is the option to go with to truly sanitize that surface perhaps after a large party at your work or home. See the video below



If your floor has lots of scuffs, minimal scratching, and is overall in decent shape there is an option to revitalize and add a new coat (kind of like a layer of skin) on top to get that nice even sheen and protection. Even if you have accidentally used polish or some sort of wax cleaner that gave your wood floor a hazy, uneven look it's not too late. There is help for your floor after all. See the video below: